Popular music streaming service with millions of songs available both online and offline

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Spotify is an online music streaming service that boasts a tremendous selection of songs that users can access from almost anywhere.

Even though there are many other streaming services that are similar to Spotify, this service stands out from the others thanks to several unique characteristics and features. The Spotify library is searchable via music label, decade, album, genre, artist, and more. You can use the software to make playlists, share them with your friends, and collaborate with your friends to make playlists together. Spotify offers complete biographies on all your favorite artists, and you can use the service to find new music you might enjoy thanks to the 'Related Artists' feature.

When using Spotify, you can select from three different account varieties. These include Premium, Unlimited, and Open. With an Open account, you can listen to up to 10 hours of music per month, which equates to about 200 songs. This type of account is supported by ads, and you are limited to five plays per song. With an Unlimited account, you'll be given an ad-free experience and the ability to play songs an unlimited number of times. Premium accounts include the same benefits as an Unlimited account, but they also include offline playlist mode and premium-quality MP3 files.

The newest version of Spotify includes a number of social functions that were lacking from earlier versions. Using the Spotify Library, you can manage your personal MP3 files and your curated collection from the Spotify database. MP3 files can be imported into Spotify from iTunes, Windows Media Player, or directly from a hard drive.

You can also use the software to sync and manage audio files on your smart device. The mobile app for Spotify was once only available to Premium accounts, but it is now available for anyone with any Spotify account. Thanks to the Spotify MP3 download service, you can purchase your full custom playlists for permanent download, or you can select individual songs. The more songs you buy at once, the cheaper each individual track becomes. If purchasing multiple songs, you can use either PayPal or a credit card, but if you're only purchasing a single song, you must use a credit card.

Spotify has improved significantly with every new version. Even with the limitations of the Open account, the software is able to outperform the best existing music apps. If you're willing to pay the small fee for either an Unlimited or Premium account, the benefits are well-worth the cost.

For more advanced control and greater listening experiences, the software now boasts gapless playback functionality and a cross-fader option. Few other music apps provide the freedom and utility of Spotify.


  • Customizable Playlists
  • Collaborative Playlists
  • Facebook-Compatible
  • Radio Streaming
  • iPod Sync Feature
  • MP3 Importing


  • Annoying Ads in Free Version
  • Can't Download All Songs
  • Must Use Credit Card To Purchase Individual Songs

No matter how much depth your music collection has, Spotify can deliver millions of additional songs, and the music streaming service's collection continues to grow. Spotify helps users discover new music through suggestions and social networking features. Users can stream entire albums, singles and even obscure EPs. While Spotify offers a premium subscription service, its free features are robust enough to keep even casual music fans addicted to the streaming music service.

Radio and Recommendations

Using any song as your starting point, you can create a Spotify radio station that will play similar songs and help you discover new music. You can create multiple radio stations to suit your mood and fine-tune your stations using Spotify's "Like" and "Dislike" buttons.

In addition to receiving recommendations through radio station, you can also use Spotify's "Discover" option to stream entire albums recommended by the music service. Preview buttons allow you to click and hold on a recommended album to hear a sample of the music it contains; when you release your mouse, the music ends.

Liked and Starred

Songs you recommend with Spotify's "Like" button are added to your "Like from Radio" playlist, a list of songs you can stream at any time. If a song you don't care for appears in one of your radio stations, you can "Dislike" it to take it out of the rotation. Spotify uses your likes and dislikes to improve your station, making better recommendations for you based on your feedback. If you're in love with a song, you can mark it with a star and save it to your favorites list.

Social Networking Features

Spotify is big on social interaction between its users, but you can opt to keep your listening sessions private. You can synchronize your Spotify account with social media profiles you've created through sites like Facebook. From there, you can follow members of your social network on Spotify. Learn what songs they've been listening to, recommend new music and exchange messages with your social circle. You can also follow artists on Spotify and receive updates from them as they post messages or release new music.

The Verdict

With tens of millions of users worldwide, Spotify's music streaming service has won the hearts of the masses through sleek user interfaces and a seemingly bottomless collection of streaming music. The service is available on just about any device that's capable of connecting to the Internet. Spotify offers its service as a web, desktop and mobile app.


  • Stunningly large music archive
  • Sleek and intuitive user interface
  • Custom radio stations and recommendations
  • Social networking enhancements


  • Repetitive commercials sour the free version
  • Social networking features may not appeal to everyone

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